Dog Mayor

All Paws on Deck will be raising money by putting on the Camas Dog Mayor competition. The Camas Dog Mayor will be determined by whichever dog raises the most money by September 30th. The Camas Dog Mayor race starts with putting an application in for your dog by September 10th. The applications will then be looked at and considered by All Paws on Deck team members. If your dog has been chosen to move on to the final round where your dog will voted on by raising funds. The offical campaign and fundraising will begin September 23rd ending September 30th.


Please read each dog's bio and vote for whichever dog you deem would be the best mayor candidate for the 2021 Camas Dog Mayor position. You can donate from now until September 30th using the link below.

Arrow Peake

“Arrow is excited to run (shake and roll) for Camas Dog Mayor. As a long time resident of the Crown Park neighborhood, it’s the leashed he can do. Arrow currently serves as backup to the executive director of security in his culdesac, and is optimistic about the future of Parks and Rec here in Camas. He spends his free time attacking shadows and volunteering at the Crown Park summer camp when his family, unknowingly, let’s him outside. Arrow believes in one way communication, a bipetisen platform, and unlimited tennis balls. Anything is pawsible when Arrow is your Mayor!”


“Donkey does not do tricks. Donkey is not a pretty dog. Donkey is a hairless dog that by many accounts is quite ugly. However, what Donkey may lack in physical beauty she more than makes up for in character and quirks. Donkey is a fierce survivor of a troubled life. When I first came across this magnificent creature she was sunburnt and scared. Now she is a blistering force of dynamic energy and intrigue. Vote Donkey for dog mayor!”


"Boo joined our family in March 2020 - just as the pandemic shut the world down. He completed our family as the youngest of 6. HE is a constant source of love, entertainment and fun. He goes everywhere we do including volleyball tournaments at the beach, hiking, car rides and really anywhere we go. He is friendly to people and dogs. Smart and kind. Always wags a tail at a new friend. He is a leader in his pack; demonstrating how to be a good citizen by being an excellent dog. He would be proud to be a member of Camas' leadership team"


“Ben is from Texas. He was found wandering the range on his own when he was 7 months old. He rode in a semi with 180 other cats and dogs, all coming to the Pacific Northwest to their forever homes. Our family was so happy to have him join us and he quickly adjusted to life inside. He even got over his fear of cars and enjoys road trips with his humans! His best friend is Fezzik the Cat. However, Ben doesn't enjoy long walks. He prefers to lay down in the green grass and smell the fresh air. Maybe too much time walking in his early years? He is ready to be the Camas Dog Mayor. In his preparation for his new role, Ben has graduated manners class twice!”


“Luna Ziegler is more than your average neighborhood pooch. Luna has a rich history in philanthropic endeavors in Camas. As an active advocate for the diabetic community she’s played a significant role as a service dog to her human-brother Andrew and other CHS students. After 8 years of service she’s since been retired although still maintains the whit and emotional intelligence to soothe your spirit on those ‘ruff’er days. Luna’s favorite things are belly rubs, baby-carrots🥕, foot-licking, and sock stealing. Vote Luna Ziegler for mayor, she’ll love ya to the moon and back.”


Milo loves everyone and his superpower is eye contact that brings joy whether you meet him on the sidewalk in passing, or as he waves and smiles at you in your vehicle at stop signs. He just moved here last year and is excited to meet his fellow Camas friends and puppy parents. Milo lives with his best friend Milkshake, a 15 lbs British Shorthair cat. In his down time, he enjoys running away from squirrels, avoiding SUPing at Cottonwood Beach, smelling flowers for real, rolling down hills, and striving to one day catch a ball from the air. As Camas Mayor, Milo celebrates community and companionship.”


“Okuma has lived all of his life in Camas and is excited to be running for Camas Dog Mayor this year. He should be crowned on October 2nd because he will serve his city well. Not only does he love all people, especially people he's never met, but he also loves the city of Camas. He wants to support those things that he especially likes about our city, such as swimming in Lacamas Lake, running Heritage Trail, boating/fishing/tubing on the Columbia, attending outdoor church with Journey and his church dog friends, Liberty Lions (sister), and Camas Papermakers (brother). He stays fit by chasing rabbits, deer, birds, sticks, balls, and the people he loves. At home he enjoys playing on/under/around the trampoline and cuddling anyone who is available. Okuma for Camas Dog Mayor 2021!"


“Harper spent his early years running wild in the fields outside of Sacramento. After finding his people, Sarah Widdop and Jarred Jackman, and learning that peeing in the house was not appropriate, Harper quickly adapted to his new exciting life filled with overnight backpacking trips, tug-of-war, couch cuddle time, and horse shows. Harper melts hearts while simultaneously maintaining respect amongst his peers. While cavorting around on the streets of Camas, Harper can be found enthusiastically greeting his canine counterparts. He strongly believes in increasing the number of off leash dog parks and maintaining green space within the city limits.”


"Jack is a true dog of the people. His stature guarantees he never looks down at any of fellow Camas citizens, both human and canine. He exhibits true diplomatic skills, whether negotiating the end of an owner induced dog bone embargo or boss barking his views to all his fellow denizens in the neighborhood. Jack has already been named the Mayor of High Expectations Dog Training in Camas. He is interested in expanding his reach to the greater Camas area. If elected, Jack will deem it Camas policy for 2 times a day quality belly rubs and cuddles for all four legged Camas residents. His campaign motto is "I may be 'short' in stature but I'm 'long' on heart! Vote for Jack!”


“Kona should be crowned the Camas Dog Mayor because of his cuteness and personality. Every time we go for a walk every body that walks past Kona always stops to say hi (almost everyone in the neighborhood knows about Kona). Not only is he handsome and adorable he has the most interesting personality. Kona is the most friendly dog I have ever seen, even if he is tired he always finds energy to play and greet new people. Being a husky, he is very vocal and a great conversationalist. Kona had a rough start, he was abandoned in Texas with his three other siblings at a very young age. Thankfully he was rescued and transported over here to be taken care of at the southwest humane society, until he was 3 months old enough, to find his forever home here with us. Kona has a lot of energy, very smart, knows many tricks and loving mischievous, yet is the most friendly dog and should be crowned the Camas Dog Mayor."